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R & D Policy

Since its beginnings, has followed a model of continuous innovation that has allowed us to become one of the leading treasure hunting companies in Spain.

We understand innovation as the driving force behind our highly competitive business model. Our services related to the financing and management of R&D activities are designed to meet the needs and expectations of all the organisation’s stakeholders. We deliver tailor-made services that create value, are efficient and sustainable, and position our clients as leaders in their respective fields.

Our long-term goal is to develop new ideas and projects that, together with sound strategic decisions, enable us to lead in the research, development and innovation of sustainable technologies that improve our customers’ quality of life. This vision reflects our commitment to technological innovation and the constant pursuit of excellence in research and innovation.

To achieve this, strong R&I management, in which innovation plays a key role, is essential. We must apply new technologies to our products and services to adapt to the changing demands of society, where customisation and the level of demand are increasing.

R&D Strategy

At, we consider research, development and innovation as fundamental elements of our business strategy. We seek to establish a solid culture of innovation that allows us to introduce incremental improvements in our services and processes, without ruling out the possibility of radical changes when necessary.

We have up-to-date human and material resources that guarantee technological innovation and continuous improvement. Thanks to this, we are able to develop innovative projects, satisfy our customers and achieve high R&D goals.

Our RDI strategies are based on:

  1. Collaborative innovation for the generation of new ideas and projects.
  2. Development of highly original and innovative software-based digital products.
  3. Incremental and sometimes radical levels of innovation.
  4. Gradual competitive positioning with the aim of consolidation at national level.

To achieve these objectives, follows the following strategic lines:

  1. Develop projects aimed at improving and creating new services.
  2. Continuing the growth of our innovation capabilities on a constant basis.
  3. Monitor the technological environment to identify new R&D ideas.

Management commitments: R i D i policy is developed in an R i D i Management System based on the UNE 166002 standard, which complies with legal and applicable requirements.

Management fully supports the teamwork of all staff in all R&I activities.

Each R&I project should strengthen and expand our strategic business lines and create new synergies between projects.

The necessary resources will be allocated to achieve the objectives, and awareness of the importance of R&D will be fostered, motivating all staff to participate through teamwork.

We seek to increase and consolidate innovation, research and development in our company.

We promote innovation and operational excellence to provide the best service to our customers.

We seek profitable growth that balances organic growth with profitability, through contracts that are competitive and provide new capabilities for future projects.

RDI Policy We comply with the requirements of UNE 166002:2021 and seek to continuously improve our RDI Management System through systematic measurement, monitoring and analysis.

We conform to’s strategic purposes and R&I objectives, which are established annually as part of the continuous improvement process.

We comply with the applicable regulations, especially in relation to intellectual and industrial property, as well as with the commitments derived from agreements with research centres that collaborate in our innovation activities.

We foster a culture of innovation in all our staff, creating motivating work environments that stimulate the generation of innovative ideas and practices.

We promote training and study as a means to participate in research, technological development and innovation projects, and we carry out technology watch to identify new opportunities.

The Management of is committed to providing the necessary resources to effectively maintain the implemented R&D Management System.

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Cáceres, 01 January 2023.